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What is Res 1 and How Does our Community Work?

PGA is organized into three HOAs called Res 1, Res 2, and Fairways. If you are not sure which one you fall into, you can refer to this map.

Res 1 is the largest area of PGA West with about 1344 properties. Each HOA has an elected board responsible for the governance of their respective area within PGA West. Those boards look after things like landscaping, community pools, and most importantly, ensuring cooperation and accountability with the Master Association on our behalf.

The three HOA boards appoint one member each to sit on the Master Association board, but the Master association has two additional members that don’t necessarily come from Res 1, Res 2, and Fairways. The Master Association is responsible to carry out things that affect the entire community (like gates and patrol for example). As owners, we don’t directly vote to decide who sits on the Master Association board; we need to trust our Res 1 board to appoint someone who represents our interests, and we count on each Res 1 board member to hold the Master Association accountable on our behalf (how are they doing? See our blog on The Biggest Issues).

Each year we have annual elections for our Res 1 board and we elect candidates for a two-year term. The terms are staggered so in any year only ½ of the members on the board are up for election which is a great way to ensure continuity from previous boards to new ones.

Historically, Res 1 has had low voter turn-out for two reasons;

  • A majority of the owners at PGA are part-time residents so they are not as engaged or aware of the operations of PGA

  • PGA West has mostly run successfully so there isn't a need felt to vote

Now you know how our community works, so next, we will focus on The Candidates, or click on one of these topics to find out more on:

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