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PGA West HOA Street Guide


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The Biggest Issues

We have highlighted the board ignoring our democracy when they appointed Ken Ulrich to replace Bob Shipley (see our blog on Why your interests are not represented by the current board). The point of t

The Candidates

There are three of the seven board positions up for election this year. Four positions are in the second year of their term and will be up for election next year. The three incumbent board members who

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Steve Bellwoar
Steve Bellwoar
04 de fev. de 2021

We bought our place two years ago because renting was allowed and would not have purchased it if that was not the case. We have successfully rented it when we are not there with zero issues. The extra money has been reinvested into upgrading the property. I am worried that property values will drop if this new motion passes. There also may be legal action against the HOA with the accusation being that the new renting prohibition reduces the property value. This has happened before, not far fetched that a lawsuit would occur. Why not find middle ground, adjust the HOA rules (which have to be sent to all renters in advance) to cover the few issues that have happened.

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