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Presenting Two



My family and I have appreciated the quality of life in our neighborhoods and care for enhancing that character. This care is what motivates me to apply my professional talents and personal time to serve my community now.


I share your ideas.


I am sure I share so many of the

same concerns with you:

  • Accountability with HOA finances.

  • Improving landscaping services.

  • Correcting the short comings in security and providing a definitive plan for directing security priorities in the future.

  • Swift enforcement of STR infractions, including stopping Party Houses, noise violations and trespassing on our golf courses.

  • Enacting new regulations requiring STR permit holders to 100% fund short-term rental security expenses. 


My concerns are not a surprise to most of you. 


We share the desire for effective and common sense solutions that are long overdue.


My 34-year career has been in business and asset management, contract negotiation, finance and internal controls.  These are the skills we need present leading our HOA Board and HOA operations.  These are the talents I will bring to our HOA management.


I am retired from Hughes Aircraft and Boeing where I developed and implemented strategic plans for major long and near-term projects with elevated goals and significant budgets.  I am a proven and respected leader.


I have volunteered on several boards and committees, such as the Supervisory Board for Kinecta Credit Union where I was responsible for internal controls, compliance and annual audit.


I am proud that I have successfully applied my undergraduate Finance degree at Cal State Long Beach and my MBA at UCLA in both a rewarding professional and enriching personal life.


I look forwarding to representing and working with my fellow homeowners to maximizing the benefit we may all enjoy through our HOA.

Laura Reyes


Like you, I am tired of the biased HOA Board. They are pushing laws through to benefit themselves as a minority rather than the entire community.

That is wrong.

  • A monthly Board meeting isn’t a satisfactory way to truly represent PGA West homeowners. 

  • Communication with the members needs to improve. I believe that sitting down and listening can help solve nearly all of our problems.

  • Delegates are running their SBAs’ without consulting the owners within their area. 

  • The HOA Board is more concerned with citations than solutions

  • This HOA needs better management of all vendors within the gates – including landscaping and security.

I want my 11 year-old twin boys to grow up in a caring family community where owners have the freedom to do with their homes as they see fit. 

I am a full-time year round resident at PGA West. I’m not a snowbird that is gone for some of the most critical times of the year for managing our HOA and facilities.

As an entrepreneur for thirty years, I have invested my own resources guided by strict budget planning.


By contrast, our HOA President has stated to Mayor Linda Evans that he and the other three HOA’s are not capable of running their corporations. 

That needs to end now.

Thank you for your considering me for our HOA Board.

Mark Parnell

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