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Presenting Three


My wife, Kathy, and I have owned a home in PGA West for 8 years on Winged Foot, and since 2016, at  55089 Southern Hill. We love the desert and PGA West even more because of the great views, quality, and colorful landscaping & maintenance and golf course options. I want to apply my experiences and skills to better address HOA member concerns while efficiently and cost effectively maintaining the common areas of the community.  

Years of Direct Experience and Association Leadership  


I have been President of two HOA’s for a total of twelve years representing over 285 homes in California  and Arizona. At the Signal Pointe HOA in San Clemente, CA, I was re-elected 10 years in a row as President largely because of my real estate industry experience and leadership. We got things done and we were a  good problem solving team. I am proud of that reputation.  

In my HOA leadership experience, I have created and implemented solutions for the same issues that are  likely to arise in PGA West. My guiding goal would be to help the Association make informed and equitable  decisions by offering my experience and my industry contacts when outside expertise is needed.  

I am the CEO and owner of Starboard Realty Advisors, a real estate operating company purchasing,  developing and owning apartments, shopping centers, and land for development. I have been in this  industry for 25+ years and have acquired more than $3 billion in real estate.


This is not direct residential  HOA experience, however, the lessons learned managing the common area issues and Owners  Associations for commercial shopping centers and apartment complexes translates wholly to the skills  needed to successfully deliver solutions for our HOA.  

Additionally, I was President in 2009, and a Director 2007-2008, of a 20,000-member national commercial  real estate association called ADISA (Alternative Direct Investment Security Association). ADISA’s  membership includes primarily real estate operators and developers, institutional equity investors,  investment advisors and real estate attorneys.


I am also a CPM (Certified Property Manager, from the  Institute of Real Estate Management), and a CSM (Certified Shopping Center Manager, from the  International Council of Shopping Centers). Their two certifications date me since I earned them when I  was a Property Manager in the 1990’s.  

I have a Bachelors Degree in Marketing Management from California State Polytechnic University, and  an MBA from Pepperdine University.  

I look forward to you casting a Director election ballot and you supporting me with one of your votes. 


Thank you,

Bill Winn 

Bill Winn-Photo.jpg

Bill Winn

My wife, Heidi, and I have been PGA West homeowners since 2004.  We have been married for 43 years and have one grown son who is now married as well.  

Fiscal responsibility

Our HOA Board is entrusted with preserving and enhancing the quality of life in our community.  That goal is in danger because of failure to maintain necessary reserve funds and plan for essential capital improvements. 

I am running because it is time to return Res I Board governance to fiscally responsible, experienced, and caring individuals. 

Respect homeowner concerns

We are all too aware that our HOA has been run by those of the “Old Guard” at the expense of the issues and concerns that matter to the majority of today’s Res I homeowners.  

That needs to end.

I will bring to the Board an emphasis on sharing ideas and creating solutions with all of our Res I homeowners so we may have leadership and vision that truly reflects the needs of our community.

Decades of board leadership experience


In my professional career I have 30 years experience as a third-party non-profit executive director of two Seattle-area construction contractor member organizations. 

In my personal life I am a 35-year member and past president of the Rotary Club of Seattle, the world's largest Rotary Club. 

I have volunteered for 14 years (with 12 on the Board of Trustees) at an annual healthcare non-profit, managing a $60 Million annual budget and providing coverage for 15,000 lives.

I have a Business Management degree from Shoreline Community College, and a Business and Marketing Emphasis from University of Puget Sound. I also served in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War. 

Through my career and volunteer work, I have shown that I am energetic, a relationship builder, and a dynamic and compassionate leader. I have engaged in active leadership service in both community and industry and look forward to the opportunity to bring my experience and expertise to the Res I HOA Board.

Thank you,



Timothy Bendokas

I have been a member of the PGA West community for seven years and wish to express my interest in joining the PGA West Residential One Association Board of Directors.

The HOA board, to work effectively, requires diversity and evolution. Diversity should include the views of all homeowners and evolution should facilitate a revolving door to allow for a continuous transition for new board members. This viewpoint provides for more complete representation, prevents complacency, and gives way to new, fresh, and innovative ideas.

Years of Experience


My background and experience, I believe, qualify me to add value to our community through a board position. I have experience sitting on the Board of Directors for both private and public companies and am very familiar with the role and responsibility of a director.

I also provide needed diversity for the board. I bring the perspective of a seasonal resident as a Canadian. I am aware of the issues concerning owners of income/rental properties. I am concerned that property values are not compromised.

I am a licensed Professional Engineer and hold an MBA in Finance from the Ivey Business School, familiar with all aspects of fiduciary responsibility, budget planning and execution, and property maintenance and development. I take the spending of our HOA fees very seriously.


Our community is important

I also know the importance of maintaining our community to the highest standards of excellence. PGA West is a special place and should continue to be.

I have served as a senior officer of various companies throughout my career in the capacity of CEO, President and Senior Vice President. These companies have included the world’s largest mixed use property developer (World Finance Center, Canary Wharf etc),  IMAX Corporation (large screen motion pictures), Canadian General Tower (world’s largest supplier of automotive coated fabric) amongst other high tech companies.

I am committed to helping PGA West continue to be a wonderful community to live in. I appreciate your support.


Yours Sincerely,

Robbie C. Banks M.B.A., P. Eng.

Robbie Banks.png

Robbie Banks

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