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Presenting Two


I live on Interlachen in Res II.  My love for my community and my respect for my fellow Res II homeowners leads me to pursue this seat on our HOA Board.


Issues and concerns:

I imagine that my primary concerns as a homeowner are similar to yours.  We all want to improve our quality of life in PGA West, but there are some specific issues for which we need solutions:

  • Accountability with HOA finances.

  • Desperately needed improvements in landscaping services.

  • Correcting the failures in our Res II security services and refocusing future security priorities.

  • Immediate enforcement of STR violations, which means stopping Party Houses, cracking down on noise violations and effectively stopping trespassing on our golf courses.

  • Something that should have been enacted long ago -- new regulations requiring STR permit holders to 100% fund short-term rental security expenses.  


I am the owner and founder of Holborn Law APC. My areas of expertise include Business Law & Corporate Governance and Estate Planning & Probate.


Prior to becoming an attorney, I had a successful career in business. During my years with T-Mobile as a general manager, I oversaw operations, accounting, human resources, quality assurance, and customer service. 


In addition to business experiences, I have served on the board of directors of multiple organizations in the past, including non-profit organizations. My positions have included President and Director of Finances.


I earned my Bachelors in Business Administration from California State University Fullerton and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. In 2013, I graduated with a Juris Doctor degree with an emphasis in tax law from Chapman University School of Law where I was awarded a merit scholarship. 


Thank you for considering me for a seat on the Res II HOA Board.  I am a full-time resident with the energy, talent and time to listen to fashion solutions to the challenges facing our community.  And, I will never lose sight in the simple truth – our homeowners’ interests must always be the number one priority.


Nesa COLOR.jpg

Nesa Targhibi

My family and I have a home in PGA West, a place that we feel is the best area in all of Coachella Valley. During this past year we have been able to meet and speak with many of our neighbors, sharing concerns and ideas about the future of PGA West.

My focus:

My inspiration for seeking an HOA Board seat

is to apply my talents and experiences to addressing the challenges facing our homeowner community, including:


  • Fiscally responsible budgeting and accountability with HOA finances.


  • Improving landscaping services.


  • Better priorities in our short and long-term maintenance programs.


  • Improving our security services and providing a definitive plan for directing security priorities in the future.


  • Tougher enforcement of STR infractions, including stopping Party Houses, noise violations and trespassing on our golf courses.


  • Clearer communications with our homeowners – the people we are trusted to represent.

My qualifications:

I will bring to the RES II HOA Board and the PGA West community my many years experience in business operations and complex budget planning as a Director in a major Berkshire Hathaway structural engineering company. I have earned the reputation for growing

revenue while reducing expenses.

These financial planning and project implementation skills are critically needed in our HOA leadership.

Additionally, I served a two-year volunteer term on the Structural Engineering Association’s Board of Directors. My focus was to coordinate with local governments to create ordinances and strategic plans for successful and cost efficient community improvement projects.

I am proud to say that projects my team guided are currently being instituted in such cities as San Francisco and San Diego.

I have a Bachelor’s degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and a Master’s degree from the University of California Irvine. I have taken further business management classes at Washington University in St. Louis.

My family and I love this community and see a need for strong leadership now more than ever. I feel compelled to offer my time, experience, energy and a fresh set of eyes to address a new age of issues. I humbly request your vote to be given the opportunity to do so.

Thank you.
Ryan, Sloane, Kyla (8), and Carson (5)

Ryan Smith headshot 1-24-19.jpg

Ryan Smith

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