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Introducing PGA West Res1Owners

Res1Owners is a group of fellow homeowners here at PGA West that believes in promoting a better vision of PGA West. We are at the start of our annual election and our goal is simply to:

  • present a vision for Res 1 that returns us to a greater sense of inclusivity, community, and pride

  • provide education on how our community and election works

  • highlight some areas we need to be improved

  • get everyone to vote, whether you agree with our views or not

First: We want to hear from you. Email us at with your answers to the following questions so that we can share what you and your fellow owners are most concerned with and provide solutions on how we can make PGA an even better community.

  1. How happy are you with the current running of Res 1 at PGA West (1-10)?

  2. What are the three biggest issues you see with the management/operations of PGA West Res 1?

  3. How often are you at your property at PGA West (less than 1 month per year, 1-3 months per year, 3-6 months per year, more than 6 months per year)?

  4. How long have you owned your property at PGA West (less than 1 year, 1-5 years, 5+ years)?

That’s it for today, but if you are curious and want to know more here’s a sneak preview of what we plan to share:

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